About us

Likor East – West Promotion is a Polish company established in 1984. We are a company from Western part of Poland which produces and/or assembles promotional wall clocks. To meet our customers’ needs we are always preparing wall clocks under individual order, exactly according to customer’s unique idea.
In the past we used to produce and/or assemble promotional watches and promotional wall clocks. Currently we focused on manufacturing and supplying our customers with promotional wall clocks.
Our international office staff cooperates and handles negotiations with diverse resellers and end-users. We deliver our wall clocks to different countries like i.e.: Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Norway, Finland and other.
We use our own components and some subassemblies our international office department imports from Far East and Germany. The wall clocks which our qualified production department creates are always being prepared with caution.
What is the reason of our success?
–  MOQ (minimum order quantity) is only 20 pcs,
– we can prepare wall clocks out of different materials such as aluminium, glass, plastic, PVC, mdf, cardboard, plywood, dibond etc.,
– out of materials such as for example PVC, acrylic glass, cardboard we can prepare wall clocks in special, individual shape,
– we offer various colours of different cases/frames,
– we offer various types of clock movements (quartz step, quartz sweep, radio controlled movements),
– there is a possibility of preparing hands in special shapes and/or different colours.
We can fulfill expectations of any customer.